Railways will use Aadhaar for reservation

Those who travel in trains’ everyday they are aware of the issues regarding railway, especially the ticket reservation process is a very hectic and a tedious process. Therefore now there has been a proposal regarding the use of Aadhaar for railway reservation process. The railways ministers are pondering over this matter. According to this proposal, Aadhaar card will be mandatory for the person on whose name reservation will be made. And these steps are undertaken to eliminate the troubles that people face and the tensions that arise due to the agents being involved. The main aim of Aadhaar card is to prevent corruption and make the country a corruption free zone. And railway forms a very important sector corruption even persists here especially in the railway’s ticket reservation process.
The proposal is hoped to be accepted from the upcoming fiscal year. According to the proposal the TTE will carry a handheld terminal machine with him in the train during the journey which will keep a track of the details of the passengers.